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Preparing for "Sightseeing around"

Sakura blooming in Ho-O Garden

Ho-O Garden", which is a general term for the gardens on the premises of this facility, is from mid-March to early May.
You can enjoy the cherry blossoms for about six months from late October to early March.
  • Kind of cherry tree of this facility

    • Mountain cherry tree

      Mountain cherry tree

      A wild cherry tree over 250 years old that can be seen Washikagawa River

      【Flowering time】Mid March to Mid April
    • Yoshino cherry tree

      Yoshino cherry tree

      One in the parking lot next to the Onaniwa and two in front Yakusugi Cedar on the opposite bank of Washikagawa River

      【Flowering time】Early April-Mid April
    • Red weeping cherry

      Red weeping cherry

      The same variety as the weeping cherry tree in Kyoto Maruyama Park
      One on the circular flower bed in the parking lot next to the garden.

      【Flowering time】Mid April to late April
    • Oi yellow cherry tree

      Oi yellow cherry tree

      It is said to be derived from the moegi yellow petals that resemble the costumes of aristocrats from the Heian Time Period
      A rare cherry tree whose petals gradually change from pale green to yellow.

      【Flowering time】Mid April to late April
    • Cherry blossoms at night

      Double cherry blossom

      One at the top of the garden.

      【Flowering time】Late April to early May
    • Four seasons cherry blossoms

      Four seasons cherry blossoms

      A pale pale red cherry blossom that blooms twice a year in early April and late October.
      Two on the opposite bank of the Washikagawa River

      【Flowering time】Late March to early April/Late October-Mid February
  • Famous spot of cherry blossoms

  • Tourist facilities and history of Higashiyoshino Village

  • Nara Yamato Pilgrimage Site

    • Kimpusen Temple

      About 35 minutes by car(22.4km)
    • The head temple of the cherry blossoms at the time of Nara Yamato"Hasedera Temple"

      About 34 minutes by car(23.0km)
    • Japan's Best Three Monju First Sacred Ground"Abe-Monjuin Temple"

      About 32 minutes by car(23.5km)
    • Nyonin Koya"Murouji Temple"

      About 38 minutes by car(27.4km)
    • Famous spots of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves"Tanzan-Jinja Shrine"

      About 28 minutes by car(20.3km)
    • Nakanobo and Kyara-do Tower"Taima Temple"

      About 56 minutes by car(39.0km)
    • Saigoku the seventh Japanese first sacred place for protecting against misfortune"Okadera Temple"

      About 36 minutes by car(26.1km)
    • Known to actors and artists as a god of performing arts"Tenkawa Shrine"

      About 69 minutes by car(49.5km)
    • A precious shrine that preserves the form of ancient worship"Miwa Shrine"

      About 37 minutes by car(26.8km)
  • Tourist spots and cityscapes