Please spend an extraordinary time healed by a hot spring at an elegant mansion in Higashiyoshino Village, Nara Prefecture.

【Official】guest Villa Hoo(guest Villa Hoo)

An inn where you can feel "history and taste" at a forestry mansion in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture.                             There are 5 guest rooms with a total floor area of over 1000 m2.

There is a natural forest and a clear stream on the private land with a total area of 8,000 tsubo.
There are various waterfalls and ponds, and there are various flowers and wild plants every season.
There is a mansion of 300 tsubos in harmony with four different Japanese gardens.
Main building, villa, tea room, built from the early Meiji period to the early Showa period
There Taisho Roman, and an "outside / built-in / underground storehouse".
We want only 5 groups of customers a day to feel the space that invites them to a long history.
Please stay on a trip to Mt. Koya or Kinpusen-ji Temple
About 100 minutes by car from "Osaka City Hall" and about 110 minutes from "Kyoto City Hall".

About corona measures at this facility

  • Acquired "Three Stars", an infection control facility certification system

    There is no shared "large communal bath or meal" in a building of about 300 tsubo, "limited to 4 groups of customers a day".
     Each room has a "dedicated entrance".
     You are using the "dedicated Takano Maki bathroom" in each room.
     It is served in "room meals" and "private meal rooms".
    【Front desk】
     We ask for your cooperation in adjusting the time so that it will not be crowded.
    【Common areas:Reception room】
     We ask for regular ventilation and tight avoidance.

     ★Infection prevention★
      Swiss Building (welcome drink) and Baihoan (matcha).
      We have canceled it.

About mobile phone radio wave condition and Wi-Fi environment

  • An inconvenient trip where "radio waves are not connected" now that "always connect with someone".

    Higashiyoshino Village is not as convenient as the city.
    There is no convenience store within walking distance, and the mobile phone and Wi-Fi environment are not good.
    We apologize for any inconvenience, but we hope you will forget the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a quiet time.

Inside this facility

  • Sukiya-style rooms and warehouse rooms

    In the garden of 3,000 tsubo surrounded by a 50m "Oya Stone,
    The 150-year-old main building was built as a private residence by the Oketatsu
    And the villa built as a guest house,
    From the early Showa era, carefully selected precious woods, mainly Yoshino Lumber,
    Also Kasuga cedar, Takano Maki and Akamatsu,
    Over the course of 13 years, we collected gem wood,
    After the end of the war, the palace was completed with the playfulness of a carpenter.
    And now as "guest Villa Hoo" of Reiwa,
    Miya carpenters, joiners, plasterers, etc.
    The skillful experience and skill of outstanding craftsmen gather,
    As an inn like a "wood museum"
    We have 5 rooms with a minimum guest room area of 40.09㎡ and a maximum guest room area of 143.60㎡.
  • Yoshino Forestry Industry History and Prosperity

    Yoshino region, leading to the Ise and Minami Ise Kaido (highway),
    Kumano is a transportation hub where the "Higashi Kumano Kaido (highway)
    It was the home of the Nancho (southern court) Court during the turbulent period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties
    And Yoshino Lumber has been useful since the time of Ashikaga
    Muromachi Time Period the end of the Muromachi Time Period (around 1500), the first afforestation was conducted in Japan.
    After that, Hideyoshi Toyotomi used Yoshino Lumber for the construction of Osaka Castle and Fushimi Castle
    It will be used for castles and shrines and temples in Kinai,
    It has been recorded that it has established itself as a precious tree.
  • Greetings from the 4th generation Tatsuji Ryo

    Washikagawa River, the barking of deer and insects, the sound of the wind, etc.
    I want you to enjoy the sound of nature,
    "guest Villa Hoo" is
    It has been renovated as an inn with only 5 groups a day.
    Not a luxury hotel or culinary inn,
    It is not an old house or a townhouse.
    It's not a sophisticated and smart service,
    We are committed to "simple countryside hospitality".
    With countryside home-cooked food that you can't taste in the city
    I hope you can enjoy various natures every season.
    Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a relaxing time.

Hoo"Seasonal news"

  • Spring, summer, autumn and winter fun at Hoo

    ■Cherry blossoms(Every year from 3 / bottom to 4 / middle)
       Several kinds of cherry blossoms on the premises of this facility.
    ■Famous spot of cherry blossoms
      "Matabei Sakura" ・ "Tenku-no-Niwa Takami-no-sato" ・"Mt Yoshino Senbonzakura"
    ■Firefly dance appreciation party(About 3 weeks from 6 / top to 6 / bottom every year)
       Hoo the fireflies dancing from the reception room of Aisakura.
       Guests staying in the "guest room" can enjoy private viewing.
    ■River play & barbecue(3 / bottom to 10 / top)
       Playing in the water in a calm stream flowing through the premises


Google Map

Hotel Name

guest Villa Hoo


888 Ogawa, Higashiyoshino Village, Yoshino County, Nara Prefecture

Telephone number

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A collection of traditional techniques"Miya carpenter"

  • Tradition of Japanese architecture:Okagawa Komuten Co., Ltd.

    Carpenter specializing in temple and shrine:FUKUHIRO OKAGAWA / YASUO OKAGAWA


-Renovation work for about 3 years-Thank you to all the "Takumi".

  • A gathering of traditional craftsmanship

    Joinery Artisan:TAKAMASA
    Stone Artisan:CHIGUSA FUSHIMI
    Furniture Craftsman:CHIHO MASADA
  • Gathering passion "technology" and "experience"

    Sheet metal craftsman:KIYOSHI SUGIOKA / YUTAKA YOSHIDA
    Water craftsman:TSUYOSHI SHIMOMURA
    Cross craftsman:KENJI TAKEMOTO
    Furniture Artisan:KIYO YOSHIOKA
    Fabric Proposer:EIJI KIGAWA

    Photographer:TAKANAO FUKUI
  • 【Compliance】

    Administrative Solicitor:KAZUMITSU UEDA
    Land and house inspector:NOBORU NAKANISHI

General supervision

  • 【Executive Directer】

    Japanese culture, life and food are delicate and detailed, simple and generous.
    It is something to be proud of in the world.
    It's dignified, but it's natural, unpretentious, friendly and deep.
    Japanese young people
    Recognizing the beautiful climate and spirit of Japan, the wonderful culture and customs of Japan,
    I hope that you will send it to the world with confidence.
                                               Kuniko Sakawa

Reservations and Inquiries

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