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Simple countryside home-cooked dishes using Yamato

Simple countryside cuisine in the Yoshino area using seasonal local vegetables

【Menu example for dinner】
Shabu-shabu course with fresh vegetables and umami "Miyabi Pork"
 ■Dashi stock
 ■Hoo Hot Pot(Pork shabu-shabu)

Rare Uda Beef sukiyaki (shabu-shabu) course
 ■Dashi stock
 ■〆Noodles(Or rice)

【Breakfast menu example】
 ■Tea Rice Porridge
 ■grilled fish
 ■small bowl

Breakfast / supper

Rice is local"Rice from Uda"
Vegetables are mainly "fresh vegetables" from farmers,
Depending on the season, old-fashioned fresh "Yamato vegetables"
We would like you to enjoy wild plants that grow naturally on the premises.
  • 【Supper example】Hoo Hot Pot(Special pork shabu-shabu)

    Along with the umami flavored "Miyabi Pork",
    A hearty hot pot with wild vegetables, Yamato, Yamato vegetables, and local vegetables.
    • Shabu-shabu course fresh local vegetables and delicious Miyabi Pork

      【Menu example for dinner】 

      ■Dashi stock ■Hoo Hot Pot(Pork shabu-shabu) ■〆Noodles ■Water
  • 【Supper example】Special Uda Beef sukiyaki(Shabu-Shabu)

    Uda Beef is Japanese black beef that has been improved from Tajima Beef.
    It is characterized by its fine texture and fiber, and sweet juice.

    Along with local Uda beef "Uda Beef" of the upgrade plan,
    Wild vegetables, mushrooms, Yamato vegetables, local vegetables, etc.
    Please choose "sukiyaki" or "shabu-shabu".
      *Sukiyaki and shabu-shabu have different ingredients.
    • Rare Uda Beef sukiyaki (shabu-shabu) course

      【Menu example for dinner】

      ■Dashi stock ■Sukiyaki(Shabu-Shabu) ■〆Noodles ■Water
  • 【Breakfast example】Tea(Breakfast staple in Oku Yoshino)

【spring and autumn Only for guests staying at Tatsuji Ryo]Adult barbecue with Uda Beef steak meat

Overturning the common sense of barbecue, steak barbecue using Uda Beef
  • Uda Beef steak BBQ(Reference photo:4 adults + 2 children)

    Limited to guests staying at Tatsujiro
      ★★★Change dinner to steak BBQ★★★
    [Additional cost:Uda Beef sukiyaki plan
               5,000 JPY/1 adult, 1,000 yen/1 child]

    <Menu reference>
      2 adults + 2 children
        ■Fresh local vegetable salad(or grilled vegetables)
        ■Uda Beef steak(About 450g)
        ■Seasoned beef(About 300g)
    ■ Wiener
          *To order seafood, please make a reservation at least 2 days before your stay.